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The fluffiest egg : In the easiest possible way

What is this Fluffy Egg ?

This is an Egg Omelet which is very fluffy but also very tasty and filling at the same time.

The recipe which I’ll share today is very easy to make and wont take more than 10mins.


  • Nutritional Value Milk

Calories : 350 approx

Carbs – 15gm (with milk)

Fats- 25gm

Protein – 20gm


with  good protein and fat contents it is delicious and also very healthy at the same time  . Having this with a glass of milk will enhance its Nutritional value making this a great breakfast option or a good healthy snack.


  • Ingredients

For making this You’ll need :Almonds

  1. 5 egg whites , 3 yolks
  2. Almonds and Cashews
  3. 1tbsp Butter



  • Recipe

  • fluffy egg
  1. Take your eggs and separate their yolks and whites in two different bowls
  2.   Whisk the yolks until its pale in color
  3. And whisk the Egg whites until they have stiff peaks
  4. Now mix the yolks in the whites and stir it carefully .
  5. After this , pre heat the pan for 3min on low flame  and add 1tbsp butter in it.
  6. Pour the Egg mixture in it and cover cook for 5-7mins on low heat
  7. After 5mins remove the lid and your season it with some pepper and salt according to taste.
  8. Your Fluffy Omelet is ready , serve it with some bits of Almonds and Cashews
  9. Enjoy!!!

You can add Vegetables to add more flavor and Cheese for a more Cheesy flavor.

For More such delicious recipes checkout more from Foodnosher .

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