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Dark Chocolate Recipes: Healthy and Easy

We all understand that dark chocolate is healthy. It is made with cocoa solids, sugar, and cocoa butter; bittersweet chocolate has undoubtedly secured its place in the healthy foods list. As per health consultants, adding bittersweet chocolate to our diet could profit our overall health. It’s the top share of cocoa in bittersweet chocolate that creates it healthy. Raw cocoa beans contain required antioxidants and flavanols – each of that keeps your mood, weight, polygenic disease, and force in order.


Chocolate that has over five-hundredths of cocoa is taken into account as ‘dark chocolate. There is an expression regarding dark chocolates -‘ a lot of bitter, they are for your health. So, always search around for the bittersweet chocolate with seventieth of cocoa within the ingredients. You will get plain bittersweet chocolate and add your wholesome nutrient sweeteners like syrup to it.

Here we’ve some honest however healthy bittersweet chocolate recipes that you will build reception to take your searching for chocolate.

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1. Dark chocolate Oats Mousse

This guidance is absolute heaven for course lovers. It includes healthy ingredients like oats, syrup, chocolate, chia seeds, and honey. The essential process sweetness of honey and syrup can keep that not-so-flavorful bitterness of the chocolate.

Ingredients Of bittersweet chocolate Mousse Quenelle

i. 1/2 Tbsp. oats

ii. One tbsp. chocolate

iii. 1/4 cup milk

iv. One tbsp. honey

v. 1 tbsp. chia seeds (optional)

vi. for garnishing berries (optional)

vii. 4-5 for garnishing crushed almonds

How to build bittersweet chocolate Oats Mousse

1.  Mix dry ingredients – chocolate and some oats together.

2. Add some milk and honey to the combination and stir well. You’ll be able to add chia seeds too.

3. Garnish with crushed almonds.

4. Let this ready dish keep within the electric refrigerator—layer with berries (optional) before serving.

2. Dark chocolate Mousse Quenelle

This dark chocolate recipe is kind of easy and can not take a lot of time to arrange. Quenelle is sleek and immediately upgrades your plating, and offers desserts a slight bit. Berries on high making it an ideal course to possess when dinner.

Ingredients Of bittersweet chocolate Mousse Quenelle

i. 10 ingredient

ii. 120 Gram caster sugar

iii. 800 Gram bittersweet chocolate (melted)

iv. 10 items ovalbumin

v. 100 ML Rum

vi. 1500 recent Gram cream, whipped

vii. Berries

viii. Cookie crumble

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How to build bittersweet chocolate Mousse Quenelle

1.  Whisk ingredients and fifty g of caster sugar to a sabayon.

2. Fold through the dark chocolate.

3. Whisk ovalbumin and remainder of the caster sugar to a topping and blend through chocolate sabayon.

4. Fold through cream and rum. Refrigerate.

5. Do plating with berries, cream, and crumble.

6. Take a spoon and puzzle and place a chocolate quenelle on the plate

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3.Finger millet Dark chocolate Cake

This cake is highly dense, filling, and healthy. Finger millet flour can keep you full for an extended time, and you may binge less later. Alternative ingredients like compound bittersweet chocolate, eggs, and refined sugar build a satisfying treat for all the health-conscious folks out there.

Ingredients Of finger millet bittersweet chocolate Cake

i. 100 g compound bittersweet chocolate

ii. 2 eggs

iii. 1/2 cup caster sugar or refined sugar

iv. One cup liquified butter

v. 1/2 cup finger millet flour

vi. One tsp leaven

How to build finger millet bittersweet chocolate Cake

1.Preheat the kitchen appliance at one hundred degrees C.

2.Break down the mixture chocolate into smaller chunks and soften them during a pan. Keep it aside and let it cool thoroughly

3.In a bowl, whisk the eggs until lightweight and down-like. Add one teaspoon of sugar, and continue flitting till well combined.

4.Combine the liquified chocolate with liquified butter and blend well. Pour this into the egg and sugar combination, and mix it well.

5.Sift along with the finger millet flour and leaven. Add a teaspoon at a time in a mixture, whereas you continue folding. Make sure that no lumps are left behind; however, don’t over combine.

6.Give it a last fold and transfer to a little baking tin (6 in. diameter). Bake within the kitchen appliance at one hundred fifty degrees C for a quarter-hour or till a skewer included at the center of the tin comes out clean.

7.Remove from the kitchen appliance and let it cool a touch before demolding onto a plate.

8.Note: you’ll replace the butter with oil and change the amount of sugar per your demand. Serve it hot with some recent cream or get pleasure from it on its own.


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